Monday 14 May 2012

1 Week On!

It has been 1 week since we arrvied back to gloomy Shetland! I can safely say we are all missing Voss very much!

On our last day in Voss we had a lovely lunch at Husflidskule - (Randi's School). They prepared a traditional Norwegian soup for us that I thought was quite similar to tattie soup - it was yummy! After that we had coffee, tea, along with plates of fruit and brownies. We discussed our trip, said our goodbyes (reluctantly) and made for our accomodation to commence the packing! That night we also went out to eat at the Park Hotel with James for a lovely farewell meal. We were up very early the next day for some last minute packing and to give our accomodation a bit of a clear up - we were all very sad to all hand in our keys. Our trip home went very smoothly. We got the train to Bergen in plently of time. We had time to spare in Bergen, however it was cold and wet so we decided to just go straight to the airport. We had a couple of hours spare in Aberdeen where a few of us did some shopping or got something to eat before heading on the boat home.

We would like to give a huge thank you for everyone involved in this trip and for giving us this opportunity, we had a brilliant time, it was a great life experience and we all miss it and have great memories of our trip. Not only that but we've met some wonderful people and made some new friends!

We all plan to come back some day!

Thursday 3 May 2012


We've just arrived back from the newly opened "Vossvind" windtunnel.  We got a group talk from an instructor who gave us a few tips and some advice before we went into the tunnel!  The speed of the wind tunnel was around 180km and we each got two turns in the tunnel with the instructor.  We all absolutely loved it, it was definitely the most exciting single 3minutes of the trip!  We're desperate to have another shot so it's a shame it only opened towards the last days of our time here!  The instructors were kind enough to take lots of photos of us in the tunnel, and here is one of us beforehand, our hair was slightly more volumised after the experience to say the least!  We all recommend the wind tunnel to anyone who gets the opportunity to have a go in one!

Linsey, Joanna, Izabela, Joanne, Sarah Rhianna & Becky. :)

Monday 30 April 2012

Daytrip to Bergen!

Today we got the train to Bergen in the morning, we walked around and saw an old church and then managed to find the cable car, which took us to the top of a mountain where we got an excellent view of Bergen as it's been a clear, sunny day all day!  After we went back down we visited the fish-market down by the pier and tried some fresh fish in a cafe nearby.  Afterwards we went to the Aquarium where we saw penguins, snakes and seals being fed, saw a film about killerwhales and saw lots of other reptiles, birds, fish and insects.  The cable car and Aquarium were definitely highlights of the day.  Before catching the train we ate at a little Thai restaurant, the food was delicious!  When we got back to Voss at around 9pm the sun was still shining and the streets were lively with students who are preparing for celebrations for the first of May parade tomorrow!  Going to Bergen has been once of best parts of the trip for me so far and the great weather made the day even more enjoyable!


Sunday 29 April 2012

Sun 29th April - Glorious day!

- Beautiful day in Voss!

Sarah, Louis, Scott and I went to Myrkdalen for some skiing since it was the last day they were open. We took a few breaks to sunbathe too which was lovely - and no sunburn which is a plus! Me and Sarah were a bit more adventurous this time so went higher up the mountain, and didn't fall all the way down this time! After the bus journey back to Voss we were starving so Louis, Sarah and me went to the chinese for some denner. Afterwards we got some pretty impressive ice creams since it was such a lovely day!

When we got in in was still so warm outside that Joanna, Sarah and Me went for a peerie walk around the town, then took some lovely photos by the lake. Had such a lovely day - planning on a trip to Bergen tomorrow - can't wait!


Here comes the sun.

It's been a beautiful day here in Voss, so we walked down to the culture house and enjoyed the sun on the grass roof overlooking the lake!

Saturday 28 April 2012

Friday 27th April - where has the time gone? I can't believe we only have a week left! I don't want to leave!

Friday was our day at the Voss Museum for a guided tour. We were a bit unsure to where it was at first, but after looking at our map we found how to get there. It turned out to be a half hour uphill trek but it was worth it! When we got there we joined a class from an another school who were also getting the tour - the tour guide was nice enough to do the tour in english for our benefit! We got shown around some Norwegian croft houses and were told about how they lived at this time. It was really good and there was some interesting similarities to Shetland life at that time I thought. After that we were free to roam around ourselves and look around the Museum. I was really impressed with the museum, they had some beautiful things. One of my favourite things that I saw were the patterned fiddles!

Izabela, Sarah and Linsey x

The final week.

A week today we will be boarding the boat home in Aberdeen.  There's still a lot of fun to be had in our last week though!  On Monday, along with a few of the other Shetland students, I'm going to go to Bergen by train and visit some of the sights there, a wind tunnel is also opening here on the 1st of May, the first one in the whole of Scandanavia and the second one in the whole of Europe I have been told by one of the staff at my work placement here.  If it's possible to book a session we hope to go and try it out!  We're going to try and fit as many activities into the next 6days as possible and take advantage of the sunshine which has made an appearance today and is meant to stay here next week too!